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He was initially jailed for five days and then released on bail with his passport confiscated.

The incident occurred at the raucous Rock Bottom bar, popular among Dubai's many wealthy and often tipsy foreign residents and tourists.

As well as being a much-hailed leader, he is also a published poet and a keen equestrian.

It has stables in Newmarket, Sydney and Melbourne and has its headquarters in Dubai.I am arranging flights back home now and can't wait to see my family.'It's going to take me a while to recover.It is hard for my friends to imagine what was going through my head when I was told I would be jailed for months.'I am struggling to come to terms with being released but will be having dinner with my friends tonight before I leave for good.'He added that he is delighted to be coming home and wanted to thank Dubai's ruler.He also said his parents are 'ecstatic' that he is returning after his experience with the 'absolute shambles' of Dubai's justice system.His mother, Patricia, said she was 'absolutely delighted' at the news.

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