Updating bathroom mirrors

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For smaller bathrooms with a shower only, we carry a large selection of shower faucets with rainshower heads, multiple function shower heads, and hand showers.Many shower faucets are available in a tub and shower system, allowing the same shower design to be used with a tub spout integrated as well.Whether you need wide, bright bathroom lighting or are looking for a more subdued look, the selection at will inspire your bathroom design.Our bathroom lighting selection is not limited to vanity lighting alone, but includes close-to-ceiling fixtures that can bring new lighting dimension to a larger space.Whether you are using them to wash your face, your hands, or brush your teeth, your bathroom sink and faucet get a lot of play.Make sure that your faucet is of the finest quality with the best pricing, ensuring it is in top condition.As one of the larger fixtures in the bathroom, if you have a small space, you might consider getting a round front toilet.

Medicine cabinets have the happy ability to either become a prominent piece of furniture in your bathroom or to remain useful with a more subtle presence.We can't forget about the lone tubs, as they certainly need filling as well.With a gorgeous array of roman tub faucets and other tub fillers, we ensure that you will find exactly what you want for your bathing experience. Bathroom accessories are some of the most varied and interesting of all with towel bars, towel rings, toilet tissue holders, robe hooks, grab bars, and more.And updating your accessories is an easy way to refresh your bathroom look without major structural changes.Our diverse range of accessories and homewares includes towel rails, soap dishes, mirrors, bath mats and more.

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