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Or you walk right up to her like the Indians do (and lots of Farangs, too) and ask her how much for sex.1,000 Baht is the price you can expect to pay for short time.

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And you are probably not surprised when I tell you that Pattaya is one of the cities that has the most active users, after Bangkok.They have a more relaxed atmosphere and also TVs with live sports and pool tables, but if you want to have sex with one of the girls there you will have to pay the bar fine (500-700 Baht), and probably also a lady drink or two (140-160 Baht each).The typical price for sex with Pattaya bar girls is 1,000 Baht for short time, and 2,000 Baht for long time.And that’s still not a bad deal when one of these girls working in the beer bar at night is willing to drop by your hotel for some quick short time sex for a thousand Baht.It’s always nice to start your day in Pattaya with a relaxing massage.

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