Kurt russel dating

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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are one of Hollywood's most enduring couples and now, Goldie is finally letting us in on the secret to her happy 32-year-romance."A lasting relationship isn't about marriage," she said in "Intention is the key. Being together, two pillars holding up the house and the roof, and being different, not having to agree on everything, learning how to deal with not agreeing. The 69 year old says the one fact of life is "getting older." "But it's wonderful to know you're aging, because that means you're still on the planet, right? It's all in your mind."Okay, so age is just a state-of-mind and the key to everlasting love is to talk it out and agree to disagree. The reality of 'Oh, oh, oh' in Beyoncé's single ladies can turn into a (depressed tone) 'Oh, oh, oh.' Basically, once you've done it once, once you've done it twice and you realize that marriage, or the act of marrying, has nothing to do with the success."The wake-up call every day is, 'Do you I want to be with this man? "The things we do early in life aren't always what we will do later.

He wakes up every morning like a child and is always happy and he brings me my coffee and starts the day off perfectly. So in terms of not liking his moustache, that is lightweight stuff."The comedienne and maker of some of our all-time favorite flicks also shared her life philosophy that we're totally stealing, or at the very least, knitting on a throw pillow.

“We are kind of having fun with it."See more below.

"And then, years later, we met up again and I liked him and I remembered that I liked him very much when I first met him.

But we both said we would never go out with another actor so it just shows you never can tell," Goldie added. Goldie, 71, and Kurt, 66, officially started dating in 1983 when she was 38 and he was 32.

“It led to a separation, which was a real gamechanger in the relationship.

The day she left Kurt was their greatest test.” The insider added, “They were both acting out a little, and he was on a jealousy kick that hadn’t really shown itself.

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